Hi, I am an Open Source student in OSD600, I am participating in Hacktoberfest 2018 for their Release 0.3 part 2. As complete the release0.3, I will require to complete 3 pull Requests to open source project and post on GitHub. This page is my second part to post the second pull request.

For requesting, we should have two internal and one external open sources or one internal and two external. Therefore, the second project, I will work on the external project. At this time, I chose the project that is also about c language. My issue is “Methods to display date and time in various language #2”. My pull request is Methods to display date and time in C languages. 

I write the code:


At this project, I review some knowledge that is about time and location time, how to get the current time, how to convert to the location time. It is a good way to review this knowledge. And sharing the method to ours.

Now, I will continue work on my third project. Github is a good place to learn some knowledge. While helping others, you can also review what you have learned before. This is a happy thing. Thank you for reading my post.

Happy coding.


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